Show #97 Santa Brings Nintendo to Britany

This week the Boys are back to their antics.

Game 1 – Have I Got Good News For You

Story 1 – Bomb Squad Called to Defuse Tank Shell Found in Man’s Anus –
Story 2 – Blizzard Traps Patrons in Pub with Oasis Tribute Band –
Story 3 – Unexplained UFO Sighting Leads to Pentagon Launching New UFO Task Force –

Game 2 – Tinfoil Hat

Weave a conspiracy theory linking the following:
Britney Spears’ conservatorship legal battle
Nintendo Cereal System
Santa Claus

Game 3 – Speed Run
Hermione Granger VS Willow Rosenberg – Who’s more likely to be an anime fan?
Max Payne VS Claire Redfield – Who’s more likely to try speed dating?
Nancy Drew VS Jessica Fletcher – Who’s more likely to

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