Show #95 Millionaire Dog Pyramid Scene

This week’s BFYTW is coming back at you with three classic games. Aaron hosts as Team Captains Augie and Stevie battle it out.

Game 1 – Like Share Block
Chinese Man Banned From All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant Like Homer Simpson:
World’s Richest Dog Selling His $32 Million Miami Villa:
Biblical Plague of Scorpions Injures Hundreds, Kills 3:,-injure-amid-bad-weather-in.aspx

Game 2 – Pitch Me
On November 19th, 15 years ago, the Nintendo Wii came out, and doesn’t that just make me feel old as fuck? Regardless, I want you to create your own game system, but it must have an original control method – it cannot use standard controllers, nor copy the Wii or Kinect-style controls. The console must have a name, and it would probably help if you had a couple of games lined up. Best game console wins 2 points.

Game 3 – Speed Run
Leroy Jethro Gibbs VS Worf – Who could host a better talk show?
Peter Parker VS Encyclopedia Brown – Who’s most likely to be an alcoholic in their 30’s?
Jean-Luc Picard VS Robin Scherbatsky – Who handles running a daycare center better?
Rick Deckard VS Tex Murphy – Who wins a drinking contest?

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