Show #93 Penis Smelling Corpse Plant

This week we are back playing some of our favorite games. Aaron hosts Stevie and Augie through three classic BFYTW games.

Game 1 – Like, Share, Block
Story 1 – Con Artist Steals and Sells UK Priest’s Entire House –

Story 2 – Catholic Church Tells Priests Not to Try to Exorcise the Coronavirus –

Story 3 – Netherlands Sees Bloom of Corpse-Scented Penis Plant for First Time in 24 Years –

Game 2 – Pitch Me
We’re coming up on the 25th anniversary of Tomb Raider’s launch on the Playstation 1 in North America, and a lot of people compared that game series to Indiana Jones, so in a similar spirit, I want you to pitch a version of any book, TV, film, or video game franchise where the traditionally male main character or characters are replaced with a female. Please include any other revisions to the plot or setting as you like, and you must cast your heroine or heroines, whether voiced or live-action. One last thing: James Bond is off the table, as it’s far too obvious.

Game 3 – Speed Run
Luigi VS Robin – Who is more likely to secretly have a kinky sex life their brother/mentor doesn’t know about?
Bugs Bunny VS Roger Rabbit – Who’s more likely to be a huge stoner?
Colin Maggs VS Liam Neeson – Who’s got a bigger cock?
The Batcave VS The Fortress of Solitude – Which would be most improved by the addition of a stripper pole?

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