Show #92 A Maggs-nificent Episode

On this week’s episode of Because Fuck You That’s Why, we take listener Collin’s ideas for a couple games and roll with it. Aaron hosts two NEW games, then finishes us off with a Speedrun. (Yeah you read that right).

Game 1 – Pop Culture Fight Club
Players are given a topic, and must argue their case for what or who is the best option(s) for that topic. I will decide who’s made a better case and the winner will receive 1 point.
For this episode, the topic is fictional television shows inside other media. By which I mean if you’re watching a TV show or movie and the characters in that TV show or movie are watching a TV show, that show is a valid choice.

Game 2 – Reboot
Players are given a bad film, TV show, or video game, and must “reboot” it by re-working the plot, location, characters, and/or casting in order to improve it. The main points of the plot must remain the same, for example, Taken must still be about an ex-CIA operative rescuing his kidnapped daughter.
For this episode, we’re starting off strong – please reboot the 2003 independent drama film The Room by Tommy Wiseau.

Game 3 – Speed Run
Liam Neeson VS Idris Elba – who is more likely to build their own computer?
Nathan Drake VS Indiana Jones – who’s more likely to have joined a fraternity in college?
Raccoon City VS Our Hometown – which city has a better library?
Encyclopedia Brown VS Frank Hardy of the Hardy Boys – who’s more likely to be a voyeur?
Joe Exotic VS Beastmaster – who’s better at needlepoint?

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