Show #89 BFYTW CineMind Spectacular

This week on Because Fuck You That’s Why, we have traveled to Red Bank, New Jersey for a BFYTW meetup and CineMind Spectacular with other Podcasters, Youtubers, and Listeners.

This episode will focus on the Gameshow CineMind. Aaron Hosts Ten contestants, answering movie trivia questions for a chance to win a grand prize for their chosen charity. All contestants will receive a smaller donation to their chosen charity in their name.

We would like to thank everyone that made this meetup and this episode possible.

Contestants include; @Augiedoggie08, @Cinema_Sitdown, @bridgetfa, @toaoturtle, @RantsRico, @M_Blade, @Mexigun, @CannaMiss, @ZedZedTodd, Logo Mike.

Be sure to follow everyone and their projects.

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