Show #87 2 Year Misty MooPoo

Holy Crap!

It’s BFYTW’s 2 Year Anniversary Episode.

You’re in for a treat as we didn’t plan for it at all. But to make up for it, Aaron will host us through some classic games after we have a small smoke session to celebrate.

Episode 87
Game 1: Like Share Block
Story 1 – Newest TikTok Fad Causes Cops to Issue Warning About Kids Buying Beans –

Story 2 – Scientists Potty Train Cows to Combat Polluting Emissions –

Story 3 – Florida Man That Killed Mother and Child Gets Creepy and Possibly Fake Social Media Following –

Game 2: Pitch Me Baby One More Time
With Castlevania celebrating its 35th anniversary this week, and that game drawing from classic horror – I’d like you to design me a video game that draws from modern horror. You can use any horror movie from 1980 onwards as the base to work from, but as they’ve already been done relatively recently, you can’t use Friday the 13th or Saw. Best pitch wins.

Game 3: Dumpster Fire
Road Trips
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