Show #84 Nobody Mislabels Nemo

We are back with another classic episode of Because Fuck You That’s Why!

This week Aaron hosts Augie and Stevie through some more old school BFYTW games.

Game 1: Have I Got Good News For You?

Story 1: People Keep Poisoning Themselves With Horse De-Worming Pills

Story 2: If You Want to See a UFO, Visit California in June

Story 3: People Are Flocking to a Spanish Town Because it Officially Has No Soul

Game 2: Tinfoil Hat

Weave me a conspiracy involving:
The movie Finding Nemo
The Miami Dolphins football team
NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal
Best conspiracy without going too far wins.

Game 3: Speed Run

Shang Tsung VS M. Bison – who’s more likely to be a Star Trek fan?
John McEnroe VS Christian Bale – who’s more likely to play Tetris on their phone?
Narnia VS Neverland – which is a better setting for a point-and-click adventure game?
Cruella De Vil VS Dolores Umbridge – who was more likely to be a cheerleader in high school?

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