Show #83 Rock, Paper, Dumpsterfire

This week we are back to our old shenanigans. Join us as we play three very interesting games.

Game 1: Have I Got Bad News For You
Story 1: 2021 America’s Best Restroom Pinching One Out –
Story 2: Serbian Hermit Leaves Cave to get Covid Vaccine –
Story 3: Bank Robber’s Handwriting Was So Bad, Bank Staff Didn’t Realize They Were Being Robbed –

Game 2: Pitch Me Baby One More Time
In honor of the Super Nintendo being released in the U.S. 30 years ago, where Nintendo improved on the Nintendo Entertainment System in every way and called it “Super”, I want you to “Super” something. It can be a media property or an already existing invention, but I want you to create a “Super” version of it that will sell like crazy. You’re not allowed to make “Super” versions of existing people, so no “Super” Samuel L. Jackson. Best pitch wins

Game 3: Dumpster Fire


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