Show #80 Back to Basics BFYTW

This week the boys go back to basics and play some classic BFYTW games.

Round one Aaron hosts Like/Share/Block to see if Augie or Stevie through some fun catagories.

Story 1: Mysterious Bug Bites in Virginia Still Unidentified:
Story 2: End Times Confirmed As Fireballs Rain From Sky in Texas and Norway:
Story 3: Man in Floating Hamster Wheel Washes Up on Shore:

Game 2: Tinfoil Hat

Create a conspiracy theory linking Martin Shkreli, Tiger Woods, and the toilet paper shortage of early Covid in 2020. Most bizarre conspiracy without losing me wins.

Game 3: Speed Run

LeVar Burton VS Geordi LaForge – who makes a better breakfast in bed?

The Citadel from Mass Effect VS Babylon 5 – where would you find a tastier pizza?

Time Cop VS Judge Dredd – who’s more likely to listen to country music in their off hours?

Ralph Garman VS Kevin Smith – who’s a better bowler?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez VS Michelle Obama – who’s more likely to be into science fiction?

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