Show #76 HH Empire Memorial Celebration

On this week’s BFYTW we have finally finish @HH_Empire’s Memorial Firepit and talk about the first memorial Fire. Augie, Aaron, and Stevie tell memories and stories of Hor-Hay, including a “Contra Douche” story.

Then some stories about working with Hor-Hay by Stevie, and a drinking tale with Augie.

Finishing off with Pantsless Shorts The Muffin, The Saved Files, It’s Stevie, and Rockband

Hor-Hay’s “Poopie” clip

Special Thanks to; @ReluctantButter, @Raspfairy1, @AugieDoggie08, @PantslessAaron, @eric56799907, @ShanaFeeley, @Puff1n84, @KeroseneLetter, @ZisEternal, @defiant_monkey, @Mastersofboard1, @MidnightSmoke1, and so so many more.

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