Show #123 Snap, Crackle, POIT!

The boys are back with another episode full of games for Augie’s Birthday!

Games for this episode:

Game 1 – Unfinished Headlines

Game 2 – Pitch Me Baby One More Time
Today is the 31st anniversary of the invention of Augie, who became a full time member of BFYTW when our beloved friend and absolute king Hor-Hay passed away. The show has kept going strong, so I’d like you gentleman to pitch me another trio in any form of entertainment, books, TV, movies, video games, internet culture, and replace one member of that trio. Best modified trio pitch wins.

Game 3 Speed Run
Bugs Bunny VS Doc Brown – Who would I rather have build me a contraption to wake me up in the morning?
Robocop VS Judge Dredd – Who makes more beautiful paintings?
Chakan the Forever Man VS Mr. Bean – Who is more likely to survive a nuclear war?
Disney World VS Chicken Ranch Brothel – Where would I rather spend my final hours?
Chris Pratt VS MC Hammer – Who would I rather go attend church with?

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