Show #112 Oatmeal – Soggy?

This week the boys are back with a full set of games to play.

Game 1 – Pop Culture Fight Club
Our contestants need to prepare their best argument for a question about Pop Culture.
For this episode, the question is – what is the best weapon in video games?
The player with the best choice and the best defense will win the game and win one point.

Game 2 – The Rules of the Game
You guys know how to play, right? (NO) And that’s the whole point. Our players are going to be playing a game they don’t know the rules to, trying to figure it out. At any point during the game, one time, they can raise their hand and say “I’d like to guess the rules of the game”. If they correctly guess the rules, they win the game and earn two points, but if they’re wrong, they must play the game to its conclusion – if neither player successfully guesses, the player who earns the most points playing the game will win. To win, they must learn – to learn, they must play – to play, we must begin.

Game 3 – Dumpster Fire
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