Show #109 Baah Baah Shatner

This week the BFYTW studio had the pleasure of hosting two amazing Voice Actors, George Ledoux ( @GLedouxVoiceovr ), and David Autovino ( ). David teams up with Augie, and George joins Stevie as they battle through three games.

Game 1
Putting Words in Your Mouth
I’m going to give Stevie and Augie up to three short readings to act out in a style of my choosing, then our professional voice actor guests are going to coach them, and Stevie and Augie will read them again. Most improved reading wins, best two out of three wins the game and earns their team 1 point.

Game 2
Who’s In Their Mouths?
I’m going to give George and David clues to read that point to a famous person or character, however, the clues have been put through a translation program 50 times, and the actors will be doing an impression of someone completely unrelated to the correct answer. Whichever team can successfully guess 3 names first wins and earns their team 2 points.

Game 3
The Speed Run
Matt Mercer VS Nolan North – who would I rather have voicing me in BFYTW: The Animated Series?
The Joker VS Shredder – who would I rather have writing and delivering my eulogy?
Albert from Dying Light 2 VS Arturo from Claire De Lune – who would I rather have as my personal assistant?
Tara Strong VS Erika Harlacher – who would I rather have as a voice in my head narrating my life?
Tiny Tina from Borderlands VS Angelica from Rugrats – who would I trust to take care of my laptop for a weekend?

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