Show #106 Amanda Bynes is a Soup Nazi Double Agent Working for Russia

This week we are joined by fellow @OddPods Media members Jami and Shannon from @MarriedwTV. Aaron hosts three games as Shannon Joins Augie to take on Jami and Stevie.

We also listen to voice messages from @drlecter1976 and @retoddl8r

Game 1 – Pop Culture Fight Club
This time, we’re looking for the Best TV Series Finale Episode. Each player from both teams will pick their favorite and explain why it is the best – whichever one I pick to be the best one will win the first game for their team and one point.

Game 2 – Tinfoil Hat
Our players are going to have to weave a conspiracy theory connecting the following three things:
Amanda Bynes
Seinfeld (the show, not the man)
The war in Ukraine
Each player will submit their own theory – best theory linking these three things without losing me wins the game and earns their team two points.

Game 3 – The Speed Run
Cheers VS Central Perk – which would I rather have as a regular hangout with my friends? (important for Jami and Shanon – I do not drink alcohol)
Kat Dennings VS Zooey Deschanel – who’s more likely to compose their own music?
Tim “The Toolman” Taylor VS Fonzie – who wins a drag contest?
Tom Ellis VS Jon Hamm – whose biography would I rather write?
Star Trek: The Next Generation VS Buffy the Vampire Slayer – which show do I think I would’ve been a better villain on?

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