Show #105 BFYTW Askew Games

This week we are joined by CJ and Rico from PodAskew, as they team up with Stevie and Augie for some classic BFYTW Games.

Game 1 – Pop Culture Fight Club
This time, we’re looking for the Best Villain Speech from a Movie. Each player from both teams will pick their favorite, whichever one I pick to be the best one will win the first game for their team and one point.

Game 2 – Pitch Me Baby One More Time
2022 has been the year of celebrities making fun of themselves in film, what with Weird Al Yankovic’s parody biopic and Nicolas Cage’s The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, I want to get on this train. Each player will pitch me another celebrity who is ripe for self-mockery who will star in either (A) a fictional movie with the celebrity playing themselves as the main character, or (B) a biopic lampooning a celebrity’s life story in which the celebrity is “in on the joke”. I want a plot summary for whichever style you go for, best self-mockery movie wins 2 points for their team.

Game 3 – The Speed Run
Freddy Got Fingered VS The Human Centipede – which is a better date movie?
Jean Claude Van Damme VS Steven Seagal – who writes better poetry?
Alicia Silverstone VS Jonathan Taylor Thomas – who makes a better comeback as an actor in their 50’s?
McLovin’ from Superbad VS Ron Burgundy – who’s most likely to wind up on a sex offenders registry?
Hogwarts from Harry Potter VS Hobbiton from Lord of the Rings – where would I rather have my wedding?

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