Show #103 A Hairy Kid, Frosted Tips, and a Dumpster Fire

Game 1: Have I Got Good News For You

Story 1: Georgia Toddler Diagnosed With Extremely Rare Syndrome Making it Impossible to Comb His Hair –

Story 2: Cargo Ship Full of Luxury Automobiles is Adrift and on Fire in the Atlantic –

Story 3: Missed Wordle Update Saves 80-Year-Old Woman From Naked Bloody Man –,to%20one%20of%20her%20daughters.

Game 2: Tinfoil Hat
Weave me a conspiracy without going overboard connecting these three things:
Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl Halftime show “wardrobe malfunction”
Frosted Tips (the hairstyle)
My Cousin Vinny (which turns 30 years old in a couple of weeks)

Game 3: Dumpster Fire
The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Breakfast Cereal
Stand-up Comedy

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