Show #102 Getting Back to Games

This week we are back to our classic games.

Game 1 – Pop Culture Fight Club

Best 1-on-1 climactic fight in a movie
Our players will choose a movie with an intense one-on-one fight at the end and try to convince me that it’s the best – the player who wins will gain 1 episode point.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is the example I’ll provide, so you can’t use that, sorry. 🙁

Game 2
Pitch Me Baby One More Time

Our players will have to pitch me – in remembrance of Gangrel crossing over WWE and the World of Darkness, another wrestler crossover. Design a wrestler themed on any other property you wish, I’ll choose the one I feel would be most successful, winner gets two points.

Game 3
Speed Run

The Dude vs Jay
Who’s more likely to come up with a business idea and see it through to success?
Antonio Banderas vs Salma Hayek
Who’s more likely to be obsessed with Wordle?
Scooby-Doo vs Beethoven (the movie dog, not the composer)
Which would do better at obedience school?
Ellen Ripley vs Aeryn Sun

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